Advisory Panel on the Question of Central Asia

Committee Description

The Advisory Panel is an organ that focuses on one regional question during the entire conference. They are the advisory organ to the Secretary General. The committee submits clauses that need to be passed unanimously. If the vote is not unanimous, the clause is tabled to be lobbied on again. After three rounds of debating and lobbying, all of the passed clauses form a resolution called the joint communique that will be presented to the Secretary General. It has both countries and organizations that are relevant to the issue at hand. The parties are called “experts”, rather than delegates. Advisory Panel experts debate clauses in an ad-hoc structure, just like the Security Council. No one has veto power in the Advisory Panel. This panel is designed for experienced MUN students from participating schools.

The European and Central Asian countries face interrelated human development challenges that consist of a lack of job opportunities, human rights issues, organized crimes across the borders, water scarcity, poverty and a lack of regional cooperation. The vulnerability caused by these challenges leaves the countries of the region struggling with economic growth and widening income inequalities along with weak democratic practices.


Terrorism and political violence in Uzbekistan

Alleviating ethnic based violence

Finding new and sustainable water sources in order to eliminate water scarcity

Chair Reports

Report 1 by Defne Genç
Terrorism and Political Violence in Uzbekistan
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Report 2 by Defne Genç
The Question of Preventing Water Scarcity
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Report 3 by Mehmed Can Olgaç
Alleviating Ethnic Based Violence
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