Advisory Panel on the Question of Central Africa

Committee Description

As the advisory organ to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Advisory Panel is a committee comprised of participating parties called “experts”. The committee focuses on a specific sub-region in accordance to the general theme of the conference and follows an ad-hoc structure with three rounds of lobbying. The aim is to pass each clause unanimously and without a unanimous vote, a clause is considered as tabled, left to the next round of debate and lobbied on again, with the procedure repeating itself until the end of the third round of debate.

All passed clauses are then collected to form a resolution called a “joint communiqué”, which is presented to the Secretary-General at the end of the conference. Experienced students are encouraged to apply to the Advisory Panel since its procedure allows for a heightened level of debate fit for seasoned MUN students.

This year, the Advisory Panel is focusing on Central Africa: a region contaminated by conflict, the risk of the depletion of natural resources, corruption and famine. This core region of the African continent faces many developmental challenges which the experts of the Advisory Panel are expected to help solve.


Combating maritime insecurity in the Gulf of Guinea

Preserving the Central African rainforest from exploitation of resources

Measures to alleviate radicalism by amending poor governance

Chair Reports

Chair reports are not yet available.