Historical Committee

Committee Description

Historical Committee is a prestigious committee, where a historical turning point is being discussed. The Historical Committee will start its sessions with a set date and event from history and after that point, the delegates will alter the history for their nations’ own benefits. In doing so, the roleplaying capabilities of the delegates are crucial. The delegates of this committee are going to represent historical figures, which were in the authority of accessing the resources of their nations. In addition, they are expected to negotiate, discuss, form alliances, strategies and most importantly, write directives. As a crisis-based committee, the course of actions will change according to the passed directives, which will reflect on the crises. At the end, both of the cabinets ultimate goal will be to win the war.

MUNDP is proud of having introduced historical committee to the Turkish MUN world years ago. Similarly to the last 2 years, in MUNDP 2017, there is going to be a historical joint crisis committee, where two opposing cabinets, Conquistador and Libertadores, will face each other and alter the course of history in Latin America.


Russian Civil War (White Army vs. Bolcheviks)