COVID-19 Notice

Dear Advisors, Participants, and Guests,

Right now, we are going through an unusual and unexpected period. Firstly, we would like to express our distress regarding the COVID-19 situation and the ones it affected the most. We hope that you are all well and this situation soon comes to an end.

This year, despite all the setbacks, we wish to hold yet another memorable MUNDP and ensure its smooth flow. Rest assured that our Executive Committee of MUNDP 2021 is following all the news and developments regarding the pandemic.

We are fully aware of and understand the solemnity of the COVID-19 situation and the schools’ concerns in participating in social events. Nevertheless, we also acknowledge the fact that at some point, our daily lives will be turning back to its normal course, and though this process is slow and cautious, it is necessary. Thus, although we are prepared for any new developments, for now, we believe that with our conference date set in late February, we will be capable of successfully organizing this year’s MUNDP.

Acknowledging that we are going through an exceptional period, we are aware that this year’s conference will be requiring different measures. Keeping this in mind, we are fully prepared to take the necessary precautions before and during the conference, including our non-international school policy this year. This was a hard yet necessary decision for us to make since we have always taken pride in hosting schools from all over the world along with many prominent schools from Turkey. However, considering the national and global effect of the pandemic, we believe that this measure is both appropriate and a reassurance for the will-be-participating Turkish schools and students, which constitute the majority of our participants. Also, with the aim of ensuring our participants’ safety as much as possible, we have decided to decrease our overall participant number.

We are aware of our country’s and the world’s delicate situation. Recognizing the uncertainty we are in, we will not be collecting the service fees until late January in order to leave room for any new developments.

Please feel free to contact our Deputy Secretary-General of Liaison, Mina Bengi Aral, via for any questions or concerns.

Despite all the setbacks, we aspire to see you in the 21st session of the MUNDP.


Executive Committee of MUNDP 2021

"Commitment to Development"