COVID-19 Statement

Dear Advisors, Participants, and Guests,

Right now, we are going through an unusual and unexpected period. Firstly, we would like to express our distress regarding the COVID-19 situation and the ones it affected the most. We hope that you are well and this situation soon comes to an end.

Last year, amid the pandemic and the hardships it has brought upon, we held the 21st annual session of the Model United Nations Development Programme online from the 19th to the 21st of February as the one and only virtual conference of the MUNDP history. Regardless of the pandemic situation, the communication and problem solving skills of more than 800 participants from 60 schools and 25 different countries were combined, and fascinating ideas were developed. The Executive Committee managed to successfully remodel the conference to be held virtually and guaranteed that the conference continued to provide the full MUNDP experience to its participants. Despite the physical boundaries in-between, delegates from all around the world attended our conference namely from the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Paraguay, Ghana, India and Thailand, which also was a contributing factor to the quality and productivity of debate.

This year, despite all the setbacks, we wish to organize yet another memorable MUNDP and ensure its smooth flow. We are fully aware of and understand the solemnity of the COVID-19 situation and the schools’ concerns in participating in social events.

Recognizing the uncertainty we are in and the success of our first online conference in 2021, we have decided to hold the second online MUNDP in our 22 years of history. With our conference date set as the 18th, 19th and the 20th of February, rest assured that our Executive Committee is making all the necessary preparations in adjusting our conference to offer you the best MUNDP yet.

We have always taken pride in hosting schools from all over the world along with many prominent schools from Turkey, and we believe that with our conference’s transition to an online platform, we will be able to maintain this tradition. Furthermore, the Executive Committee has made the decision of not collecting any service fees from our participants this year, offering the remarkable MUNDP experience free of charge.

Please feel free to contact our Deputy Secretary-General of Liaison, İpek Ayhan, via for any questions or concerns.

Despite all the setbacks, we aspire to see you in the 22nd session of the MUNDP.


Executive Committee of MUNDP 2022

"Commitment to Development"