As one of the oldest MUN conferences in Turkey, MUNDP’s legacy extends to 23 years. MUNDP is exclusively the only MUN conference around the world that simulates the UNDP. Each year, delegates focus on designated development regions of the UNDP, while discussing the most pressing global issues in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. The 22nd session of MUNDP hosted over 850 participants from 22 countries across three continents, enabling a fruitful and stimulating environment of debate and collaboration for delegates.

As one of the selective THIMUN affiliated conferences, MUNDP adheres to the THIMUN rules of procedure. Our conference, its exceptionally committed executive board and student officer team promise a well ordered process throughout the conference. Inventive methods such as the online platform MyDP provides a smooth MUNDP experience for all and is exclusively designed to meet the needs of our attendees and executive board. We are confident that MUNDP will continue to provide high-quality discussions and a welcoming environment for its domestic and international participants in the coming years. Our objective is to bring together enthusiastic participants and provide them with opportunities to make connections, enjoy a magnificent city, and engage in quality debates.

MUNDP is held on the campus of The Koç School, an institution established by the Vehbi Koç Foundation located in its 62-acre campus in Tuzla, İstanbul. MUNDP participants will be able to enjoy Istanbul’s multicultural atmosphere while attending the conference on the Koc School campus. The cultural and historical attractions dispersed throughout the city, along with the ceaseless energy of İstanbul ensure that MUNDP participants have ample opportunities while participating in our conference.

Left to right: Operations Manager of MUNDP24 – Elif Sude Yanık, Secretary-General of Organisation – Ayşe Naz Bayraktar and Secretary-General of Content – Elif Eren