Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe

Committee Description

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is the regional bloc of Europe that encompasses the social, humanitarian, environmental, and politico-military aspects of the region. Found in 1975, the organization consists of 57 participating States and 11 cooperating partners across Europe, North America and Asia and addresses a wide range of issues concerning security, such as arms control, trafficking, democratization, terrorism, and human rights while ensuring a global platform for communication and cooperation across continents, adopting a mission that spans the globe.

OSCE has deployed several field missions to different regions in Europe and has supported the creation of institutions and structures to foster sustainable economic development, ensure the effective utilization of resources, promote the respect of fundamental freedoms, and participate in conflict prevention. OSCE has played a vital role in promoting peacebuilding and creating a more transparent and cooperative medium for the world while representing the values of peace and sustainable progress.


The question of the Belarus border crisis

Facilitating the deradicalization of right-wing extremism

Addressing the infiltrations to legal economy by organized crime groups